Passion for Technology

Innovative textile technologies from schoeller®

Soak Up the Sun

solar+™ textile technology from Schoeller keeps textiles tangibly warmer. The technology helps textiles of any color to better absorb the sun’s rays. solar+™ works especially well on high pressure days when it is sunny and cold. Even thin fabrics can provide more warmth.

Dry like a duck

Isn’t it fascinating how ducks can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry? Like all waterfowl, ducks produce an oily secretion that allows their plumage to repel water. The textile finish ecorepel® transfers this natural water repellence to textiles.

Save Your Energy

Qi [tschi:] – two letters that stand for the most important thing of all: vital energy. Every living being constantly emits energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIRs). The textile technology energear™ allows the body’s own energy to be reflected back to it. This additional energy can enhance performance and increase general wellbeing.

Controls Bacteria. Sustains Freshness.

active>silver™ is a freshness finish for textiles based on nature-identical silver salts. It reduces the occurrence of unpleasant body odors by inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, mites and fungi that can cause odor in fabrics. This ensures that textiles remain hygienically fresh. The skin flora is not affected by active>silver™.


Sun Reflector - UV Protector

Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to direct sunlight compared to light colors. The intelligent textile finish coldblack® reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays. This leads to a higher degree of comfort and improves the body’s heat management during outdoor activities.

NanoSphere® Outstanding water- and oil resistance

The leaves of certain plants always stay clean, because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces. This natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect, is permanently transferred to the textile surface by means of nanotechnology. The result is NanoSphere® – a high performance water repellent technology.

The Feelgood Technology

3XDRY® treatments combine two technologies into one textile: On the outside the textile is water repellent, whereas on the fabric’s inside it effectively absorbs perspiration. Moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed as perspiration is distributed over a large surface area. This ensures rapid evaporation and offers better wear comfort.